Tirur is one of the famous and fast growing coastal cities in Malabar. Geographically it is on the banks of the Ponanipuzha, one of the tributaries of Bharathappuzha, about four kilometres from the Arabian sea.

Tirur has a unique place in the cultural map of Kerala being the birth place of the  father of Malayalam Language, Thunjath Ramanujan Ezhuthachan. In Kerala history, Tirur is distinguished as Bettathu Nadu. The road-rail facilities and the north-south water way- Connolly canal- elevate this city as one of the leading trade centres in Malappuram district. Trade of Malabar betel leaf, which is an inalienable commodity on many auspicious occasions in north india and Pakistan, is centred at Tirur. This has given it the name Vettilayude Nadu(Place of Betel Leaf). Further, Tirur is famous for a wide variety of foreign goods. The common notion is that it offers the modern facilities of a flourishing city and the serenity of a typical Kerala  Village.


Distance from

  • ......
  • Kozhikkode: 41 kms
  • Palakkad: 114 kms
  • Trissur: 78 kms
  • Ernakulam: 143 kms
  • Malappuram: 25 kms

The Nila- Bharathappuzha- flows through the neighbouring villages of Tirur in its journey to embrace the Arabian sea at Ponani. The cultural renaissance in Kerala had its origin on the banks of the Nila. Mamankam, the trade fair, was held on the sandbanks of the river at Tirunavaya. This ceremony was held once in every twelve years. Traders even from foreign lands anchored their vessels at Tirunavaya to make their presence in the trade fair. The Nilapatu thara, Manikkinar, and Kalari are now under protection as historical monuments.


A number of struggles against the oppressive British rule had their reflections in Tirur as well. Wagon Tragedy, the massacre of the convicts of the Malabar rebellion of 1921, is one of the bloody incidents in the history of freedom struggle. The grave yards of the martryrs are still preserved in the mosques in and around Tirur. The British established a special court at Tirur to punish the convicts of the Malabar riots.


Cultural Ethos

The person under fostered Malayalam language is revered all over Kerala, Thunjath Ramanujan ezhuthachan, The father of Malayalam Language has his monuments at thunjan paramb near tirur. The constructions including Saraswathi Mandapam, the huge parrot, etc. are feast to the heart and soul. There is also a research centre with many ancient scriptures in palm leaves and modern books. Also there is a literary museum. The day of Vijayadasami throws a little children initiated in to letters by many renowned Gurus at Saraswathi mandapam. The debate of many poets is also done on the stage prepared here. In addition to all the attractions, Thunjanfestival is held February / March every year. Intellectuals and artists all over India seek their way to this sacred land to let their spirits free.

The poet and other learnt people who lived in Kerala after the eventful life of Ezhuthachan also have monuments in their respective native places. The edifice of Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri is at chandanakkavu( 12 km),Poonthanam, the renowned mystic poet has his house monument at Kizhattur, near Perinthalmanna (40 km), house of Vallathol Narayana Menon at Mangalam ( 10kms) .

There are many libraries established as part of the memory of famous novelists, poets and politicians at their birth places. They are, K Damodaran Smaraka Grandalayam at Pookkayil (2 kms) Mohammed Abdurahiman sahib Grandhalayam at Parappanangadi,(18 kms) Edasseri Smaraka Grandhalayam and Uroob Smaraka Grandhalayam at Ponani( 20 kms). There are genuine mappila art forms in Malabar. They reflect the culture and tradition of Mappila life here. oppana, daffmuttu, kolkali, and aravana muttu are not only the mind blowing but fast also. Here is a research centre in Malabar to study Mappila arts forms, established as a memoriam of the famous Mappila poet Moyinkutty Vaidyar at Kondotty(40 km). The world famous centre for the study of Classical art forms, Kerala Kalamandalam is at cheruthuruthi, 46 kms from Tirur. Arya vaidya sala , Kottakkal, which is world renowned ayurvedic treatment centre is only 15kms away from tirur. The herbal garden with a variety of medicinal plants is another attraction of the same place. An ayurveda college run by govt. of Kerala also established at Kottakkal.

Nilambur, the place 70 kms away from Tirur is part of the western Ghat with dense forests and wild animals. It is a place of rich bio-diversity. Nilambur is famous for the first man made teak plantation in the world, as Conolly plot which dates back of the British period.

Religious Heritage

Malabar is a land of temples and mosques. Many ancient Budda and Jaina religious centres were transformed in to temples. So the age of these institutions cannot be ascertained. The following are famous temples very close to Tirur.

Trikkandiyour Siva temple ( 1km)
Hanuman kavu Temple (5kms)
Garudan kavu Temple ( 5kms)
Triprangode Siva temple( 7kms)
Tirunava Navamukunda Temple
( 11kms)
Chamravattam Ayyappa Temple.
( 11kms)
Vyrangode Bhagavathy Temple
( 11kms)
Kadampuzha Bhagavathi Temple
( 15kms)
Thirumandhamkunnu Temple at Angadippuram( 36kms)

While travel through newly built Chamravattam regulator cum bridge on Bharathappuzha , distance to Guruvayur Sri Krishna temple is only 41 kms. On the way the devotee can visit the first six major temples also.

The presence of a number of Muslim mosques adds lustre to the religious – cultural harmony of Malabar. Most of there were erected during the early years of the advent of lslam. Major mosques are religious learning centres. Ponani Valiya palli(20 kms), Mamburam Valiya Palli( 20 kms),Tirurangadi Valiya palli (20 kms), Veliyankode valiya palli ( 28 kms)are ancient as well as historical .

Jarams, which are considered to be the graveyards of religious leaders are rampant in south Malabar. Famous Jarams are Bettath Puthiyangadi Jaram (4kms) Kondotty Jaram ( 38 kms) and Mamburam Makham(21kms) and Puthanpalli Jaram(30kms)

Orphanages offer shelter to poor children. In Islam, they are termed as Yatheemkhanas. The important Yatheem khanas established in and around tirur are MDPS Yatheem khana, Ezhur, Tirur ( 2kms), Bafakki Yatheemkhana, Kalpakancheri (10 kms) and Tirurangadi PSM Orphanage (20 kms) All factions of Christian have their prayer centres at Tirur. The St. Mary’s church is situated in the heart of the city. Bassel Evanjalical Mission churches are established in 19 th century stands at Codakkal and Parapperi around 7 kms away from Tirur.

Land of Festivals

People of Malabar are after festivals irrespectively their religious inclinations. After the fury of monsoon is over, the flags of temple festivals will be flying high in the air. The mass art traditions are linked with temples. The colourful presence of folk art forms is an inseparable ingredient in every temple festival. The temple processions keeping decorated elephants in front is a regular experience of the temple festivals. Martial arts and fireworks add grandeur to it. The trade fair opens ample opportunity to the people to grab different equipments and agricultural produces. The festivals testify the religious harmony among the people of Malabar. As cutting across religious beliefs rented their contributions to make every festival on ever memorable experiences. Important festivals are BP Angadi Valiya Nercha in January, Trikkandiyur and Tirunava Vav utsavam in july, Vyrankode thiyyattu, in march, Pattambi Nercha in February, Garudan kavu vela in November and December, and Kottakkal pooram in December. As part of Nerchas related with mosques, food is being served to devotees. Puthanpally nercha and Mamburam nercha come under this group

Beauty of Nature.

Every traveller cherishes natural beauty of villages and broad sea shores. The conflux point of the Nila and Arabian sea offered the traveller a wide beach- Padinharekkara, very close to Ponani extending up to three kilometrs in length. Most of migratory birds nests on the trees around here. The place is under the security eye of the Tourism Department. Boating facility is also available here (15 Km).

The speciality of the Arabian Sea is that it offers a number of small beaches. Paravanna, Tanur and Vallikkunnu are a few among them. Lush mangrove forest back on all these who are interested to feel in the vibration of nature. Kadalundi (26 kms) has one of the biggest mangrove forest as well as a bird sanctuary.

Nila Park on the banks of Bharathappuzha at Kuttippuram( 18 kms) and Chaliyam barrage (30 kms)provide tourists opportunity to enjoy nature in its full glory. Biyyam backwaters (24 kms) which offer variety of water rides. The EMS – Children’s Park built at the centre of Tirur town offers another opportunity to the children to spend their leisure hours. The Noor lake at Ettirikadavu( 1 km) and Ceevee Park at Pariyapuram( 4kms) which are built on the banks of Tirur-Ponani river are the tourist best like places.


Tirur is a store house of almost all trading and home appliances. Gandhi Gram Wayanad and Khadi Gramadyoga bavan have their branches at Tirur. The Sunday weekly market offers a variety of agricultural produces at reasonable prices. The wooden furniture that are well-known globally available at Kottakkal( 15 kms). A galaxy of foreign goods shops offer a wide variety of articles from mobile phone to computers is well established at Tirur. Products of well known companies like Nokia, Sony, Samsung etc. are available at reasonable rates.

Other popular Educational Institutions established in and around Tirur

  • Thunjath Ezhuthachan Malayalam University.( 6 Kms)
  • SSM polytechnic college, Thekkumuri- (2 kms)
  • DIET Malappuram, BP Angadi (4kms)
  • Thunjan Memorial Govt. College, Vakkad-(6 kms)
  • Sri Sankaracharya University study centre. Thirunavaya-(12 kms)
  • MMM HSS, B Ed Centre &TTI, Koottayi-(15kms) .
  • MES Engneering college, Kuttippuram-(20 kms)
  • PSMO College, Tirurangadi- (20 kms )
  • Kelappaji Memmorail Rural Agricultural University, Tavanur (23 kms)
  • University of Calicut.-(30 kms)

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